The Covid 19 Pandemic has brought new challenges to how some business promote their 

services. With the coming of summer 2021,

there is renewed interest in marketing, using 

public events.  We can help you,  using online 

video promotions and sales strategies. 

It's Time to CELEBRATE!

In My Office 

Consider Video Coverage and Production for your next  (post Covid) public event!  

Here's how my video promotions

 journey began about

10 years ago

using just an Apple Laptop!

Creative Fun,

can also help

get things done.

Great video 

can help 


support for 



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(Networking: Virtual or otherwise, is a Key to success)

The good old days when face to face was the best way to go Video Campaign 

DREAMER working! 

 (Anywhere on the planet) 

Are You the next  DC Superstar?

Event and Product  Video Promotions

I can show you how to edit promotional videos in iMovie, or Adobe Premier Software, having studied and learned various video techniques, while producing retail and restaurant promotions.  

It was a great experience on November 1st 2019, for the opening of Whole Foods, Tyson's Corner, the largest Whole Foods in the region...
Let Cloudvertise Stun Onlookers With Your Companies Logo In The Form of Helium Floating Clouds, Also Known As Bubloons! The Perfect Way To Advertise.
Cloudvertise Mass Advertise with helium filled 3D floating› collections › cloudvertise
Cloudvertising is a fresh and exciting new mass advertising medium that uses special effects helium gas filled foam Bubloon™ clouds in the shape of your ...Cloudvertise 3D logos. 

Looking to unmask

   Your Business? 

Mayor Muriel Bowser's

DC Circulator Campaign  

​We want to hear about your favorite products 

Have done the hard daily grind of interviewing thousands of business people across the DC area. The  goal is bringing out the best story to promote their achievements! There's a great story  behind each of 

these photos. 

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Video Promotion Services using

Social Media for Viewers​​

We provide video interviews and 

Promotional Video  Broadcasting

to your audience to help  get the

event exposure you appreciate.

Here's an example of one of an 

event interview video 

Assisting those

who want to 

promote their

public events, 

and  services,

in the DC area.  

​Todd C. Wiggins