I strive to share and collaborate with the brightest talents in DC.

Professional Interests

Economics, Urban Planning, Real Estate,  Environmental Design, Public Policy, Communications  Technology and Law, Public Transportation, and Public Special Events Planning, Electronic and Traditional Social Media 


Print Journalism Graphics, Product Graphic and Display Design,  Advertising Agency campaigns, Direct  Sales and Customer Service, Video Promotions, and Sales Interviews, Special Event Marketing,  


Once Upon a Time, I couldn't be found without a laptop in my hand, when in public it seemed. It didn't matter who I was talking with, it had to be with a laptop in front of them. That was just 5 -8 years ago, when I made the discovery that video interviews and live streaming was the most interesting way. To say that this Discovery was  groundbreaking for me would be an understatement. 

After two decades of marketing and communications experience in Advertising Agencies, Retail, and various clients, I had finally landed on something that really set me apart.  What an experience it was to be seen as someone worth talking to, by so many new people!


In fast forwarding to the year of 2016, It seems that technical innovation has become a commonplace occurrence. There's always a new device for communicating being made available to the masses.  But one thing which could never replace technology, is the personally gratifying  human to human greeting. That's what I strive to cultivate every day.  

In order to help others communicate the messages they find useful to other, I'm always looking for the right method for doing the job. It's essential that the message is what most would consider to a positive introduction to constructivly  stimulate an eager audience. Otherwise, what would be the point? 

If you have a communications campaign in mind to distribute a constructive message, I'm happy to discuss it. 

Thanks for your consideration and response. 

Video Advertising for restaurant

chain Z Burger,

including infomercials, musical

jingles, and

customer testimonial segments