Attended more charity balls and events throughout DC than I can remember, and interviewed some

outstanding representatives of various causes and businesses.  

Using the laptop, eventually to landing the big interviews. Here pictured with Malik Ellis, developer for the Howard Theatre. 

With Alvin Jones of Plant Vehicle, and Greg of Gregs List DC, we made an appearance on Tesla 

Tuesday, testing the Tesla Roadster. 

My video marketing career started with an interest in using the best video editing equipment I could get, which in 2010,  was mostly found on Apple operating systems. In this broadcast segment, promoting the opening of the DC store, I got to make a few statements on camera, exhibiting my enthusiasm.  The exposure I received from that 

experience helped jump start my video editing and promotions hobby. 

I am thankful to the many friends and contacts who have provided inspiration to pursue this endeavor.  it's been a daily regimen to produce as many useful, videos.

 It's a daily exercise to make as many video promotions as possible, as they say "practice makes perfect".  In this early idea of using a laptop to shoot interview videos, paid off in the big picture.