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You can't take chances with your events. A preparation plan that's easy to understand and follow through on, is key to good experiences for all through your events. Make video documentation a part of that plan, and you're well on your way to documenting and sharing success. 


Todd Wiggins

The Theme of Your Event is Your Spine...Stick to it

My suggestion, is that you consider video recording every public or even some private events that you want the eventually promote as part of your brand. I also suggest that you encourage your participants to tell their success stories, which represent your organization in the most optimal way possible. Social media can be very beneficial, if used correctly. It can also be harmful if not used correctly, so be carefull who you use to develop your message.


I cover events with a passion. I want your event to  be seen, and appreciated by the right audience. 

  • Technology changes daily
  • How video streaming can bring clients to your event in real time.
  • ​How to close sales using video promotions

Can produce live video interview programming from your event! 

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